Hosting A Successful Family Game Night

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01310568024_2011-01-08-17-26-55-757.jpgIn today’s society, there are many distractions that keep people from connecting with their family and community. Hosting a Family Game Night is a great way to connect with family and friends.

Hosting a Family Game Night is simple, and if you follow some simple steps, it will be a huge success. Only two primary ingredients are needed: good food, and family-friendly games.

Before you begin, make a guest list, and think about what type of gathering you want. Do you want families with older children, younger children, etc.

You also need to make sure that your evening is well organized. Be sure to consider your guests when planning the types of games to be played.

You will also need to provide a relaxing, laid-back atmosphere for your guests. Be sure to clean your house and have some music playing in the background.

If your kids are young, and unable to play an organized game, you can set up a safe area for them to play, and be sure to have age-appropriate toys available.

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When your kids are old enough to participate with the adults, they can join in on the fun. It’s a great way to bond with your children and to watch them interact with others.

Family Game Night can be simple and unorganized, or you can have a theme. We’ve had Monte Carlo Night, where we play casino-type card games and raffle prizes off at the end of the evening, and Murder Mystery Parties, where we dress up as characters and try to solve a crime.

When hosting an unorganized game night, the best games to play are ones that make you interact with all of your guests. Here are some of the games we’ve had the most success with:

Password – is fun for a large group. You can play girls versus boys, adults versus children, etc.

Charades – everyone enjoys acting out silly words and phrases. Make cards before everyone arrives and be sure to come up with words that everyone can guess.

Pictionary – is great for all ages. You will find that the adults can’t draw much better than the kids!

Whatever games you choose, just be sure that they are appropriate for all different ages. If the younger kids don’t want to play, consider hiring a teenager to watch and entertain them in another part of your house.

You may find that the primary focus of game night is the food. If you need to keep expenses down, you can ask everyone to bring a dish, plus the recipe to share.

If going the pot-luck route, it is necessary to have a food theme. You can tell people to bring appetizers, desserts, ethnic food, main dishes, etc.

You will also need to decide if you want alcohol present at your game night, because that will affect the tone of the evening. You should tell your guests when you’re inviting them whether or not alcohol will be allowed.

I recommend discouraging alcohol at Family Game Night, because some people get too loud and out of control when they drink. It isn’t much fun to play games with someone who is drinking too much

Be sure to have an entire area set aside for the food, and provide the plates, napkins, cups, etc. The host family should provide the beverages and a dish to share as well.

In between rounds of games, you will find that your guests will mill about the food area and talk. This is a relaxing time for old friends to catch up and to get to know new friends better.

Unless you are having a meal planned before the games begin, finger foods are the best types of food to serve. That way, your guests can carry plates to the gaming area and enjoy their appetizers and desserts while they play.

At the end of the evening, you can have the recipe exchange. When you invite your guests, be sure to tell them how copies of their recipes to bring, so that everyone can bring a copy home.

Encourage a family to volunteer to host the next game night. This way it will start a nice tradition that everyone will look forward to.

When everyone leaves, it is best to clean up right away and not leave everything until the next morning. You can take steps to ensure that clean up will be quick and easy.

Use paper plates and plastic cups, and disposable utensils. This way you won’t be standing at your kitchen sink washing dishes and regretting the evening.

Cover any left-over items, and if you have a food vacuum sealer, seal your perishables in Food Saver bags, so you can enjoy them later.

Family game nights are easy and inexpensive to host. You will find that your friendships will be strengthened and you will look forward to each and every one of these gatherings.

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